John Bolton Looks Odd

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Over at National Review, Jay Nordlinger recounts a story from a reader, who says her "three-year-old niece ... put down her book Pinkalicious ... over the weekend" in favor of an issue of National Review. The reader was, of course, delighted ("I couldn't have been prouder") and Nordlinger is similarly pleased with "the discriminating Aliza," who apparently also chose National Review over the reader's fiancee's "book on Mao"--imagine that.

Perhaps the more delightful moment comes in the middle, and may be enjoyed regardless of political affiliation. Out of the mouths of babes:

Then she pointed to John Bolton on the cover and said, 'Why does he look like that?' I said, 'He has a very prominent mustache.' She then opened the magazine and said, 'I like this book, it's funny.'

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