Heavy Metal Band: Stop Blaming Us for Tucson

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In the wake of the attack in Tucson, Arizona, writers and pundits have been debating a number of theories for why suspect Jared Loughner might have attempted to kill Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. When we gathered the five most unusual such explanations, one of them was by Salon's Sarah Hepola. While she doesn't outright blame heavy metal band Drowning Pool, she does draw a line between the band and Loughner, based on his YouTube account. "His lone 'favorite' video is a homemade clip that prominently features the Drowning Pool song 'Bodies,' whose grim history includes being played at Guantánamo to torture prisoners," she writes. The Washington Post's J. Freedom du Lac wrote a similar piece exploring Loughner's apparent love of Drowning Pool.

All of which, as you might imagine, has the actual members of Drowning Pool less than thrilled. Unlike Palin, another scapegoat, they haven't accused the lamestream media of "blood libel" just yet, but they did post a somewhat irate response on their official band website. Here's part of their post, which includes a shot at the Washington Post.

The Washington Post ran an article on "Bodies" and the Tucson shootings today.  But instead of telling the whole story, the writer decided to edit what we had to say in order to make it seem like we were somehow responsible for what happened last weekend.

He left out some really important facts.  Where did the part about us performing for the troops go?  Where was the mention of us helping to pass a bill in support of our soldiers?  If you want to let readers form their own opinions of who we are and what we support, include all of the info! 

We find it inappropriate to imply that our song or rock music in general is to blame for this tragic event. It is premature to make this assumption without having all the facts in the case. It is just as likely that this horrible act was caused by the irresponsible and violent rhetoric used by mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post.

The band concludes, "Listening to Drowning Pool music does not make you a bad person. Misleading people does." Let the straw men hit the floor!

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