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The individual mandate of President Obama's health care legislation, which requires most Americans to purchase some form of health insurance, was ruled unconstitutional by a Virgina judge today. The ruling has inspired outrage and celebration from people on either side of the health care debate.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was relieved by the news.

I am encouraged by today's ruling that Obamacare's individual mandate is an unconstitutional power grab by the Fed'l govt than a minute ago via HootSuite

Senator Orrin Hatch praised the judge's decision.

It's a great day for Liberty! Individual mandate in ObamaCare ruled unconstitutional. #utpol #tcotless than a minute ago via web

ABC's Bill Wier called out Orrin Hatch, who included the same individual mandate in a 1993 bill of his own.

You wrote a '93 bill w/ same mandate. Why the flip? RT @OrrinHatch Great day for Liberty! ObamaCare mandate ruled unconstitutional.less than a minute ago via web

Daily Kos pointed out that other judges aren't backing up the Virgina ruling.

Big story: HCR ruled unconstitutional. Little story: 14 judges disagree. than a minute ago via twitterfeed

Keith Olbermann questioned the judge's motives.

Judge who ruled against Health Care Reform? Part-owner of GOP PR firm which worked AGAINST Health Care Reformless than a minute ago via web

As always, Jon Stewart made light of the situation.

Mr. President, don't be upset health care reform was ruled unconstitutional. You still got a lot done. Like that childrens book!less than a minute ago via web

Frank Conniff sarcastically imagined what might happen next for health care.

Judge rules health care law unconstitutional. Conservatives now hope getting sick will be declared an act of treason.less than a minute ago via web

Michael Foresta laments the impediment to health care reform.

It's up to the Supreme Court but mandating health insurance is unconstitutional. Real health care reform is still a long way to go.less than a minute ago via web

Ayelet Waldman recognized the judge's personal interest in the case.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that the Judicial hack who owns part of a lobbying company devoted to defeating health care found it unconstitutional.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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