The 2010 House Midterms Are Finally Over

If you thought this day would never come, it has. The 2010 House midterms are over.

In the last outstanding congressional race, Republican Randy Altschuler conceded to Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop today in New York's First Congressional District, following a vote-count that saw Bishop trailing on Election Day, then leading by a few hundred votes once absentees were counted.

The final count: Republicans gained 63 House seats in the 2010 elections.

The Senate midterms are still going on, as Alaska Tea Partier Joe Miller moves ahead with his request for a recount, trailing Sen. Lisa Murkowski and almost certain to lose.

As of last week, two House races remained outstanding. Republican David Harmer conceded to Democratic Congressman Jerry McNerney in California's 11th District on Friday night.

It's been a long election season, but it's finally over, at least in the House. Democrats held on to win the last two contests, and the campaign committees for both parties can now officially move on, setting their sights fully on 2012.