Reporters Bummed: No Topless Obama Pics This Year

Long lenses banned during the president's snorkeling trip

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There will be no sequel to the photos of bare presidential pecs that rocked the nation two years ago. President Obama is going snorkeling with his family in Hawaii, but long lenses and "other sneaky attempts to take pictures" of our commander-in-beef have been banned. White House reporters' tropical working holiday: officially ruined.

In December 2008, Obama was snapped shirtless and running through the surf, Baywatch-style, and the pictures were splashed across tabloids and on the cover of Washingtonian magazine, The Hill's Ian Swanson explains. Journalists now seem a bit miffed. Swanson cites The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg's warning to her peers in her pool report: "All you folks who wanted shirtless pictures of the president: Forget it."

  • Idiot Press, Brad DeLong fumes at Grasping Reality, asking for a better press corps: "Everybody working for the New York Times owes all the rest of us a big apology for wasting our time with things like this..."
  • Censorship! Ethel C. Fenig writes at American Thinker. "Whoops! So much for transparency in the Obama administration. Censorship rules. OK, it is a personal issue and has nothing to do with the government but openness is truth."
  • A Small Victory, USA Today's David Jackson notes. "Mission accomplished--the only photos from the snorkeling jaunt were of the presidential motorcade." Jackson adds that neither the president nor the first lady were pleased by the topless shots.
  • A Matter of Taste, Sacred Monkeys writes. "Um, who actually wants to see shirtless pictures of the President? The adoring MSM will just have to think back fondly of vacations of yore. The heck with a shirt, this president is an empty suit."
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