Morning Vid: Mitt Romney Always Says the Right Thing

Even on Leno, it's all about message discipline, right?

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Memo to Jay Leno: Don't bother trying to bait Mitt Romney with leading questions about Sarah Palin. He won't bite. The ex-Massachusetts governor will just smile and give the least newsworthy praise possible about the budding reality TV star (she's a "remarkable," "qualified," and "capable" person). On Wednesday night, Leno tried—again and again—to keep prodding Romney to utter at least one veiled shot at his potential 2012 primary competitor.

To no avail. Asked if he would have quit his Massachusetts post in a way similar to how Palin left the Alaska governorship, Romney merely responded that "being governor is really the best job you can think of" and explained that there was a different set of circumstances involved. When Mitt finally gathered that Leno wasn't interested in how much he loved being governor, he had this carefully-calibrated quip ready: "If someone's looking for me to say something negative about Sarah Palin, why, that's not going to come from me. Did you see what she did to the halibut the other night on her show? I'm not in for that."

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