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On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart pooh-poohed the media storm surrounding WikiLeaks's "dump" of U.S. diplomatic cables. WikiLeaks, a whistle-blowing group, has attracted some harsh rhetoric from Sarah Palin and GOP Rep. Peter King, who fear the organization's publication of confidential government documents is motivated by a desire to harm U.S. security. Stewart mocked this theory, calling WikiLeaks founder, and "new supervillian," Julian Assange "Osama bin Laden crossed with Magnito and the albino from The Matrix, with more than a scooch of the Dyson Vacuum guy."

Stewart then responded to a video clip of Assange describing himself as "a combative person" who likes "crushing bastards." Stewart replied, "you really should read up about the shit we already know about us," implying that, compared to previous government leaks such as the Pentagon Papers and the Iran-Contra scandal, the information dumped by Assange and his crew is relatively benign.

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