Morning Vid: Is Being RNC Chairman a 'Fun Job'?

Michael Steele thinks so; he's running for a second term

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Monday night, Michael Steele revealed his closely-guarded decision: he will run for reelection to the RNC chairmanship. "Lord knows I'm familiar with foot-in-mouth disease," Michael Steele admitted on Meet the Press days before the midterm elections. So last night with Greta Van Susteren while talking about his reelection bid, Steele responded to the criticism that he regularly receives for his verbal gaffes.

"My style is a little bit different than most conventional Republican Party chairmen," he explained. "My style is more grass roots-oriented. I'm much more of a street guy. I love hanging out in boardrooms, but I prefer to be in neighborhoods and communities."

A GOP goal, according to Steele, is to enable Republicans to organize in African-American communities that typically vote Democrat (Harlem is cited as an example) in order to "plant the seed" to recruit future party members. Van Susteren's follow up question was simple: "Is the [RNC] job fun?" He replied affirmatively.

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