Morning Vid: Bloomberg Won't Run For President, 'Period'

Did he leave himself any wiggle-room?

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Both Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg have individually stated almost point-blank that they will not be running for president in 2012, or ever. But until that filing deadline passes in 2012, or 2016, or as long as they continue to wield considerable political influence, nothing will tamp down the rampant presidential speculation. The latest presidential flirtation non-event occurred when Michael Bloomberg arrived in CBS Studios to speak with Katie Couric.

So, Michael, what might "compel" you to run for president? "Oh, there's nothing, I'm not going to run for president period, end-of-story," replied Bloomberg. Couric seemed to be surprised by the candor of the statement, so she dutifully followed up. Ever? "I think at my age 'ever' is the easy thing to say," he said. But wait, doesn't that sound just the slightest bit cryptic? To Couric it may have, which might explain why she repeated her question, rephrased, two more times: