Morning Vid: Bill O'Reilly Has Gloomier Predictions for the Left Than Usual

The "bell is tolling" for liberals after a tax cut compromise

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Bill O'Reilly isn't gloating about the passage of an "about certain" tax cut compromise. He's just wondering about the fate of the left after it's all said and done: "With yet another crushing defeat, the question is, can George Soros, Ariana Huffington, The New York Times, and MSNBC even survive much longer as credible enterprises?" he pointedly asks. After dispatching "the usual suspects" in his forebodingly titled "The Bell Tolls For The Far Left" Talking Points segment he hones in on a favorite target: the radical left.

"It's clear that the country has turned against the left, even President Obama has figured that out," he explains, before singling out his long-time foe Howard Dean for being for "huge spending" before he was against it. "Is there anyone on earth who thinks that Howard Dean has suddenly changed into a fiscal policy person?"

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