Libertarian Party Defends Wesley Snipes

U.S. Marshals have ordered Wesley Snipes to report to prison (a judge ruled earlier this wek that he cannot remain free on bail while he appeals his tax conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court), and the Libertarian Party, which does not like taxes or federal authority to begin with, is now speaking out in his defense.

Wes Benedict, the party's executive director, says the IRS is the problem. The party just released a statement from Benedict, which begins:

"The federal government's recent demand for tax protester Wesley Snipes to report to prison brings attention to how horrible the federal income tax system is.

"The three-year federal prison sentence for Snipes's failure to file tax returns is absurd. Snipes is not a threat to anyone, and the judge who sentenced him clearly just wanted to scare others who might think about resisting federal taxes.

"Maybe it's worth reminding people that Wesley Snipes was acquitted of tax fraud and conspiracy charges in 2008. He was only found guilty on misdemeanor charges of 'willful failure to file an income tax return.'

"Why is a failure to file a tax return a criminal non-act? Should people ever be sent to prison for not doing something? If the IRS wants to come after Snipes and take his money, they have power to do that. Who does it help to send the man to prison?

"The tax code is incredibly vague and open to interpretation. In fact, the 'law' is largely written by IRS bureaucrats. If they decide the law says one thing, you're OK; if they decide it's something else, then you're headed for prison. ...