Happy Hour Vid: The View Welcomes 'Weeper of the House'

John Boehner cries on camera one too many times for the View's liking

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On Sunday evening, 60 Minutes profiled naturally-tanned John Boehner, paying acute attention to the incoming Speaker of the House's tenderer side. The takeaway? The man does have a tendency to weep. Ironically, he even started weeping after host Lesley Stahl posed a question asking why he was weeping on election night (answer: he wants to make sure "kids have a shot at the American Dream").

Despite Boehner's willingness to display his emotions, the moment was ripe for the ladies at The View to replay, and mercilessly poke fun at him. And they do that well enough. The zinger of the segment goes to Barbara Walters, who--straight faced--noticed this: "Every time he talks about anything that's not 'raise taxes,' he cries."

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