Happy Hour Vid: Sarah Palin Shoots a Caribou, Quotes Ted Nugent

She's got pretty good aim

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Come one, come all, to Sarah Palin's Alaska. On the latest edition of The Learning Channel's instant-ratings sensation, the Mama Grizzly-in-chief forgoes her usual idealized outdoor family excursions for a locked-and-loaded hunting expedition. Set to an urgent Lord of the Rings-styled epic score, Palin cocks her hunting rifle, takes aim at a stray caribou and fires. To no avail.

But with a little coaxing ("it's ok, it's ok"), she reloads and takes aim--this time her shot is on right on the mark and the unfortunate caribou falls (and the music reverts back to its homey Americana refrain). After tentatively inspecting the animal, she declares "it's dead," before referring her viewers to the good words of a famous musician and gun-owner: "In the words of Ted Nugent, we thank that mighty animal for living a good life and now sustaining a nice family." After the hunt has ended she's asked "are you feeling better now?" To which Palin responds, "I feel a lot better now." Watch her talk about hunting:

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