Baltimore Orioles' Middling DH is a Raging Birther

I call this a big swing and a miss: Luke Scott, the Baltimore Orioles' designated hitter, has revealed himself, rather forcefully, as a raging birther. He told Yahoo Sports:

Yahoo: You don't think that Obama wasn't born in the United States, do you?

LS: He was not born here.

Yahoo: [Sighs].

LS: That's my belief. I was born here. If someone accuses me of not being born here, I can go -- within 10 minutes -- to my filing cabinet and I can pick up my real birth certificate and I can go, "See? Look! Here it is. Here it is." 

The man has dodged everything. He dodges questions, he doesn't answer anything. And why? Because he's hiding something. You know what? People who have bad intentions, people that are deceivers or are not of honor and integrity -- that's how they act. I've seen it in every -- it doesn't matter what level. It can be in politics, it can be in business, it can be in sports, it can be in the construction field. Doesn't matter. It's all the same attitude. It's the same thing.People who tell the truth, they're very easy to ... their actions prove it. 

Something as simple providing a birth certificate. Come on. If you're born here, there's plenty of documents. But you know what? There's no documentation of him. No legal documentation of him. There's been lie after lie after lie exposed, but people put it under the carpet. Hence, the problem we have in this country.