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Afternoon Vid: Alan Grayson Calls Bush 'Big Cheese' in No-Holds-Barred Speech

Rep. Grayson lobs volleys at Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Bush and more in his tax cut speech

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Subtlety isn't one Alan Grayson's better traits. The outgoing Florida Congressman is perhaps best known now as the man who unwisely branded his opponent "Taliban Dan" in a desperate bid to keep his seat. The firestorm surrounding the ill-conceived attack ad managed to prove that even an American electorate hardened to ludricious political advertising knew when a line had been crossed. It also prompted a discussion about whether he was, in fact, "America's Worst Politician."

Now, as he exits Congress, Grayson has lobbed one last salvo at nearly everyone in the GOP. In a slide-show exhibit decrying tax cuts for the rich, the representative tried to rally his colleagues by pointing to the obscene amounts of money that the richest Republicans will likely reap if the Bush tax cuts are extended. In between the slides, he also managed to add slight personal digs to each of the prominent conservatives. Here's a running tally of how he described each Republican:

  • Glenn Beck - The man makes millions from an "ongoing, night by night imitation of Howard Beale from Network"
  • Sean Hannity - (aka "Man of the People") "Maybe he can go and afford some anger management classes"
  • Bill O'Reilly - "He's No Pinhead" about arguing for tax cuts that only benefit rich people like him.
  • Rush Limbaugh - (aka "the man with the cigar")
  • Sarah Palin - "She's done a better job of turning fame into cash than anyone in American history"
  • Newt Gingrich - "The man who did such a great job in running America back in the 90's that he want's a second chance this decade. Newt if you do to us what you did to us then, we're going to be in big trouble."
  • George W. Bush - (aka "the Big Cheese") "the man who got us into two endless wars, the man who brought us to the brink of national bankruptcy, the man who gave us four dollar a gallon gasoline."

Here's the original video:

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