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Infamous Florida Rep. Alan Grayson has lost his job after a single term. The loudmouthed liberal was adored by blogs and cable news for his not-so-PC attacks on Republicans, but voters clearly did not share the love. With a nearly 20-point lead, Dan Webster demolished Grayson Tuesday night. Still, the soon-to-be-former congressman obviously has talents that could be put to good use.

"It often seemed like Grayson putting on a piece of performance art, attacking Republicans with all the vitriol they normally use to attack Democrats, questioning their moral values and basic sense of humanity -- and for this, people called him crazy," Talking Points Memo's Eric Kleefeld writes in a career obit that further illustrates the blogosphere's Grayson-love. Given his die-hard fanbase, Grayson should have plenty of opportunities to choose from. What's his next gig?

Our nomination: New York Post headline writer. Whatever his flaws, Grayson obviously understands that brevity is the soul of wit. His notorious coinages--calling Sarah Palin a "half-baked Alaskan," saying the Republican health care plan should "die quickly," dubbing Dick Cheney a vampire, a female lobbyist a "K Street Whore," and his socially-conservative opponent "Taliban Dan"--may have been bad for his poll numbers, but they'd make great New York Post headlines.

  • The Obvious: Blogging, The Note's Rick Klein and Z. Byron Wolf report. Capitalizing on his "die quickly" fame, Grayson announced last month on the House floor that he's launching a new website dedicated to those who died because they didn't have good health insurance. will compiled the stories of loved ones who might have lived if they could afford more medical care.

Twitter suggests a few more possibilities:

Clown college? RT @jmartpolitico How soon til the Alan Grayson v C O'Donnell lecture circuit debates begin? Some colleges will tee up $$less than a minute ago via web

So how soon til the Alan Grayson v C O'Donnell lecture circuit debates begin?  Some colleges will tee up a few grand, am sure.less than a minute ago via web

I'd like to see Alan Grayson become head of the DNC. He would be perfect.less than a minute ago via tGadget

SWEET: Daniel Webster boots MSNBC host-to-be Alan Grayson.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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