WaPo Writer Has Really 'Had It Up to Here' with Palin

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Sarah Palin and the media come to oblique verbal blows pretty frequently. But this is one of the funnier and more direct engagements, probably because like the writer here--The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart--really does sound like he's sitting at his computer, wagging his finger angrily at the screen:

You know what? I've had it up to here (visualize my hand hoisted over my head) with Mama Grizzly's gripes against the media. Does the press get it right every time? No. Can media hounds be unfair? Absolutely. But Sarah Palin's latest harangue on Facebook after she got pummeled for saying the U.S. needs to stand with"our North Korean allies" shows that the turkey skin I gobbled up Thursday night is thicker than the half-term governor's.

Capehart continues.

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