The TSA's Official Thanksgiving Jokes

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After a few weeks of being roughed up by a growing resistance to invasive pat-downs and full-body scanners, TSA is trying mightily to win back America's affections. And, as holiday jet setters brace for (perhaps overblown) delays due to the opt-out crowd, the government agency is attempting to lighten the mood. (Something that Janet Napolitano and John Pistole haven't been as successful in doing when they tried to assuage concerns over the security procedures.)

On the official TSA blog, a post penned by the pseudonymous Blogger Bob adds some humor to the the agency's "Holiday Travel Tips." Here, hidden among the details of pat-down procedure and the "411 on Liquids," are a few stabs at humor. While The Atlantic Wire can't exactly vouch for the quality of the jokes, we do appreciate the bit of levity during the busy traveling season:

  • Travel Advice for Domesticated Turkeys: Stay away from humans.
  • Travel Advice for Tofu Turkeys: You are not real.
  • Travel Advice for Pilgrims: Leave your muskets at home and refrain from wearing clothing with large buckles.

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