Save Olbermann: Liberals Petition, Dan Choi Boycotts

The movement to save Keith Olbermann from MSNBC's personnel policies has gathered a bit of steam. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which you may remember from such exploits as the public-option petition circulated among members of Congress as health care reform made its ugly way through the Senate, has gathered 264,000 signatures for its online petition to "Put Olbermann Back On The Air NOW!"

Lt. Dan Choi, meanwhile, says he won't appear on MSNBC until Olbermann is reinstated. Choi, featured in The Atlantic's last issue as a Brave Thinker for his advocacy on the military's Don't-As-Don't-Tell policy, tweeted: "I'm declining interviews on MSNBC and affiliates until @KeithOlbermann is reinstated. Petition:"