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In election night's second major blow to comedians nationwide, Carl Paladino has lost his bid to become New York's next governor. Instead, Andrew Cuomo will take the office held for three terms by his father.

Tea Party-backed Paladino infamously sent out dirty bestiality emails, threatened to "take out" a reporter, took drunken photos with young adults, and railed against gay pride parades for their supposed use of Speedos. He follows equally-hilarious Christine O'Donnell's path toward becoming a mere political footnote. Both Paladino and O'Donnell can take comfort in the fact that their antics managed to win them the most media coverage of any candidate this year. Twitter bid the Buffalo blowhard adieu in style.

Ha Ha! Paladino! Cuoma took you out! #NYless than a minute ago via web

Carl Paladino defeated in NY Governor race. Just sent Andrew Cuomo a gracious beastiality porn concession e-mail.less than a minute ago via web

Meanwhile, rent? Still too damn high. RT @Newsweek According to AP, Cuomo beats Paladino to win #NYgov #electionless than a minute ago via web

Oh, shit, I think Carl Paladino is gonna go door-to-door to take out people who didn't vote for him.less than a minute ago via web

I guarantee you Carl Paladino is going to make Christine O'Donnell look like Frederick Douglass in his concession rant.less than a minute ago via web

Note to self, avoid any county where the majority voted for Paladino. Too many craziesless than a minute ago via YoruFukurou

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