Murkowski Not Impressed With Palin's 'Intellectual Curiosity'

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The GOP establishment has developed a bit of a grudge against the "monster" it created. Fending off constant speculation that Sarah Palin is the GOP presidential frontrunner for 2012 (and may actually have a realistic path of winning), prominent Republicans grumble that the TLC reality TV star lacks a certain "gravitas" required to inhabit the Oval Office. Add presumptive Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who is rumored to have a longtime grudge against Palin, to the growing list of dismissive Republicans. Murkowski pushed against the refudiator in a CBS interview with Katie Couric.

"I do not think that she has those leadership qualities, that intellectual curiosity that allows for building good and great policies," Murkowski remarked."You know, she was my governor for two years, for just about two years there, and I don't think that she enjoyed governing. I don't think she liked to get down into the policy." To be fair, Murkowski made these remarks after being pressed several times for answers about Sarah Palin by Couric. With each additional question, she appeared to to be choosing her words more carefully.