Morning Vid: What's Good For Sarah Palin 'Is Not Good' for Republicans

David Frum pleads for a centrist approach on the Colbert Report

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Last night on Stephen Colbert's election coverage (complete with standard jokes about Charlie Crist's tan, Murkowski's difficult-to-spell name), he invited the contrarian conservative David Frum to share his thoughts about the midterms. Before Frum got in a word, Colbert played back the pundit's 2008 prediction in which he said that since the GOP wrote off younger and urban voters, the Republicans wouldn't have "much of a future." In light of last night's election returns—with older, more rural Tea Party voters tilting legislative power back to the GOP—Colbert wondered how the pundit's prediction could be "that wrong?"

But Frum stuck to his prior comments, arguing for a more centrist governing strategy and noting that "what's good for [Sarah Palin], isn't good for the party." Colbert later remarked to Frum: "You used to be be the middle of conservatism in America—you were a speech writer for President Bush—but now you're like quasi-socialist compared to these people."

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