Morning Vid: Watch Your Back When You Make Fun of Jersey

Chris Christie gives a not-so-subtle hint to a skittish Jimmy Fallon

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If at all possible, please refrain from mocking New Jersey when Chris Christie is around. Or else, you know, you can take your pick from the mob clichés that you might find yourself subjected to. Look to skittish late-night host Jimmy Fallon for a cautionary tale. After sparking a mini-twitter feud with the infamously gruff Gov, he found himself sitting uncomfortably across the table from Christie.

As quickly became clear, if there's anything that the GOP's rising star/false idol dislikes more than Jersey Shore, it's being "screwed" by New York, or the New York sensibility. Cue Fallon nervously reading off the card, greeted by an uncomfortable stare by Christie:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has canceled a train tunnel between New York and New Jersey. As a result New Yorkers will have to get to Jersey the same as always—by accident.

Naturally, this quip did not please the governor. "Know what we do to people like that in New Jersey, Jimmy? I’ll be watching," he joked ominously.

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