Morning Vid: 'Shamelessly Marketing' Bush Gabs With Mark Zuckerberg

The young CEO interviews the ex-decider at Facebook HQ

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Where isn't George Bush appearing these days? As his Decision Points book tour soldiers on, the ex-decider has become a something of a finely-tuned interview machine. He generated plenty of early buzz by confessing that his presidency was all about Kanye to Matt Lauer, scuffled with Bill O'Reilly about keeping mum on Obama, and relayed his "sinking feeling" about not finding WMD's in Iraq to Cindy Crowley.

Naturally, his latest "shameless marketing" (his words) stop was at the Palo Alto headquarters of Facebook to have an extended friendly chat with Mark Zuckerberg. Immediately upon sitting down, Bush trotted out his self-effacing laugh line "People don't think I could read much less write," before needling the Facebook founder about his time at Exeter. A bunch of tech questions followed so, for the record: Bush now uses a Blackberry, doesn't listen to his iPod anymore (he likes to "hear the birds" while bike riding) and doesn't use his iPad much. Well, that's not exactly true: "I got Decision Points" on there, a grinning Bush remarked before giving a little wink to a laughing Zuckerberg.

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