Morning Vid: Right Waxes Nostalgic After Bush Throws 'Perfect' Strike

Bloggers reminisce about a time when a president could pitch a fastball

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One reason why conservatives miss George Bush? He will always be able to pitch a fastball better than Obama. In fact, since our current commander-in-chief was sworn into office, it's become a bit of national pastime to quip about the, shall we say, visible differences in skill that the two presidents exhibit on the mound. Resurrecting the meme was Bush himself--who we've been seeing a lot of lately--arriving in style at the World Series and tossing a picture-perfect strike. Needless to say, the moment inspired more than a few bouts of nostalgia from conservative bloggers.

  • 'Just Like Old Times' reminisces blogger Nice Deb: "When it was time for him to pitch the ball, he pitched it with no hesitation, no mugging for the camera, without a second thought. And it was a solid strike."
  • 'He Hasn't Lost Anything Off His Fastball' marveled Scott Johnson at the blog, Powerline. "What a moving study in dignity and class. What a great example...I miss them both."
  • This Is How a Pitch Should Be Thrown notes Lonely Conservative on his eponymous blog. "Bush threw a perfect pitch – right over the plate. He made it look so easy. The crowd seemed to enjoy it."
  • So Much Better Than Obama's 'Girl Throw' at the 2009 All Star game, points out Shannon Bell at Right Pundits. "Obama has had a couple of times to redeem himself since then to no avail. Face it, the man wasn’t cut out for throwing first pitches. But then again I don’t really think he was cut out to do many Presidential things."
  • 'THE CROWD ROARED'  writes Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, who posted footage on the blog. "What a wonderful moment."

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