Morning Vid: Leno Extracts Christine O'Donnell's Campaign Reflections

Delaware non-witch joins Jay Leno to talk about her campaign and future plans

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Jay Leno has his detractors, but his show remains the premiere destination for a cultural lightning rod who wants to talk about nothing. Leno again proved himself a master of the form during his interview with Christine O'Donnell last night, asking the failed Delaware Senate candidate if O'Donnell is an Irish name (it is!) and whether Sarah Palin will run for president (unclear!). That said, it's still worth watching the segment, if only to find out O'Donnell's rationale for not appearing on Bill Maher's show during the campaign ("Whether it's a comedian or a terrorist, you should not respond to threats") and what the "I Am Not A Witch" ad was supposed to be about (taxes).

As for O'Donnell's future plans, they seem to prominently involve "a book deal," and possibly even a book.

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