Morning Vid: Bush to O'Reilly: I'm Not Going to Criticize Obama

Fox News host prods the ex-decider, to no avail

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After his relatively soft interviews with Matt Lauer—which appeared to be mostly about Kanye West—George Bush decided to step into the ring with Bill O'Reilly. Promising his viewers that he would "shake him up a bit" the Fox News host preceded to interrogate the ex-decider about the financial crisis and the government's bailout of Wall Street firms. Bush, who was clearly not in the mood to talk about anything that wasn't in Decision Points, proved tough to shake up. After conceding that "I don't know of anybody in my administration who saw the enormity of the collapse," O'Reilly pressed him too hard on the machinations of the new administration. The conversation then veered away from talking points.

"I really have chosen not to second guess the president [Obama] which is what you're trying to get me to do," replied Bush. "I can only explain to you the decisions I made." When O'Reilly reassured that he wasn't trying to get him to "bash" Obama and again pursued his bailout questioning, Bush finally just smirked and said "You need to ask him not me, I'm the retired guy. I'm the guy who's done my job and now home in Texas."

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