Morning Vid: Bush Says 'TARP Saved the Economy'

And something called "the Wall Street"

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On the evening news last night, NBC aired another clip from pious snob Matt Lauer's upcoming interview with George W. Bush. Based on what we've seen so far, the full sit-down will be required viewing when it airs next week, if only because Bush--unlike every other political memoirist in history--seems to realize we don't care how meeting Nelson Mandela made him feel (good). We're more interested how Kanye West calling him a racist on live television made him feel (not good).

The former president's candor was again on display last night when Lauer raised the subject of TARP, the emergency program Bush signed into law in October of 2008 that bailed out banks, saved the American economy, and inadvertently created the Tea Party. Lauer asked the president if he had any regrets. Bush's response--which probably could have saved a few House incumbents--is bound to be Timothy Geithner's ringtone by the end of the day.

"I can understand the angst," said Bush. "But in my case, I wasn't worried about angst, or personal angst, or contradiction. I was worried about the economy going down. And I believe TARP saved the economy." Then, because he's George W. Bush, he refers to Wall Street as "the Wall Street."

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