Mark Foley's Dreadful Comeback

As much time as I spend following/interviewing/thinking/writing about politicians, there is one facet of the politician's personality that I will simply never understand. Not by a mile. It is the impulse (acted upon or publicly mused about) to make a comeback after an appalling scandal that should end a career with ringing finality. Think: Eliot Spitzer, Vito Fossella, and now, Mark Foley (do click on the link, because the accompanying photo is sort of a visual manifestation of what I'm talking about). You'll remember Foley as the lecherous Republican congressman from Florida who'd get drunk and hit on underage male pages. His spectacular self-combustion in the closing days of the 2006 election pretty much handed the House to the Democrats. He's thinking about jumping into the West Palm Beach mayoral race. I wouldn't have imagined that Foley would be able to get even a family member to vote for him, much less a non-relative. But evidently he thinks otherwise. Against my better judgment, I'll go out on a limb and predict that he isn't going to get far. He seems signally lacking in self-awareness, for one thing, as this hilarious quote will attest: "I do have the luxury that I can be the last man to file if I choose to, and still have the name ID."

UPDATE: Possible slogan: "Touching your junk before it was fashionable"
(h/t Political Wire)