Malkin: Bush Policies Were 'Disastrous'

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With appearances on The Today Show, Oprah Winfrey, Hannity, and elsewhere, George W. Bush is officially back in the spotlight. The occasion is giving a number of conservatives cause to wax nostalgic about the pre-Obama days when Dubya reigned supreme.

However, Michelle Malkin, the hard-right empress of the conservative blogosphere, is disturbed by her colleagues:

The problem, of course, is that Bush nostalgia is indelibly marred by his disastrous domestic policy legacy of big government, big spending, and betrayal of core fiscal principles — the very impetus for the Tea Party movement upon which he now heaps glowing praise.

Malkin, unlike some Tea Party pundits, hasn't forgotten that the government bailouts of U.S. banks and Detroit automakers began under Bush. While her white-hot conservative views can be unsettling, it's comforting to know that she hasn't been a victim of selective amnesia. She goes on to provide a laundry list of grievances she had with the the Bush administration:

As he rode into the sunset in December 2008 after pre-socializing the economy for Barack Obama, Bush wrote his own epitaph, which was one of the items on my list of things I don’t miss about Bush.


1) joined with open-borders progressives McCain and Kennedy to try to force shamnesty down our throats;

2) massively expanded the federal role in education;

3) championed the Medicare prescription drug entitlement using phony math;

4) kowtowed to the jihadi-enabling Saudis;

5) stocked DHS with incompetents and cronies;

6) pushed Hillarycare for housing;

7) enabled turncoat Arlen Specter;

8. nominated crony Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court;

9) pre-socialized the economy for Obama by embracing TARP, the auto bailouts, the AIG bailout, and in his own words:

Nice use of tombstone, Michelle!

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