Draft Mitch Daniels Movement Underway

The movement to draft Mitch Daniels, the Indiana governor, as a 2012 Republican presidential candidate is underway.

A group called Switch 2 Mitch recently went live with a new website, www.switch2mitch.org. They've got a petition telling Daniels, "America and the world need you now more than ever," and it's selling t-shirts too.

Daniels is a likable-seeming guy. He's been discussed as a possible 2012 candidate for at least a year and a half, and he's shrugged it off when asked about it. Newt Gingrich reportedly encouraged him to run. He took some heat in June for saying social issues will have to take a backseat to the economy under the next presidency. He's a low-key guy, supposed to be good on the fiscal issues, and, while he hasn't been crisscrossing the country and generating buzz like all the other potential candidates, people seem to like him.

Paul Ryan does. "He would be a great president," Ryan told The Weekly Standard in July. "He looks like your accountant, but that's not so bad maybe."