Bushes: Bill Clinton Is Just So Charming

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Bill Clinton and George Bush the elder have already been presumed buddies for some time since they started traversing the globe promoting their joint philanthropic enterprises. But if there was any lingering political ill-will between the ex-presidents, Barbara and George quashed it during a conversation with Larry King. Read his lips: the families are actually quite amicable, they'll have us know. In fact, sometimes Bush and Clinton even give each other a ring just to feel each others' pain. (Stale presidential puns cease here.)

"About two or three days before the wedding, we're in Maine, I think, and we get a phone call from Bill Clinton. Nothing to do with the wedding, just he's busy. He just called up, how are you doing? I have a very good personal relationship with him," remarked George Bush to King.

Barbara, on the other hand, took longer to succumb to the charms of Clinton. "It took me a little while, I confess. But you can't dislike Bill Clinton. He's very likable. And he was so good to George," she relayed about the traveling experiences of the two.

And George Jr., the ex-decider? Well, there's a reason he's been keeping close contact with his parents since he left the White House. "I have a feeling that Bill wishes he had a father like George, truthfully," mused Barbara.

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