Boehner Chips In Big Bucks for House Republicans

He just might be Speaker of the House come January, and, to help make sure he gets the chance, Minority Leader John Boehner has kicked $3 million to the GOP's House campaign arm. From Hotline On Call's Jeremy Jacobs:

House Minority Leader and potential Speaker to be John Boehner (R-Ohio) gave big to the National Republican Congressional Committee in October in an effort to boost the committee's efforts to take back the House.

In sum, Boehner gave $3 million the NRCC, party sources tell Hotline On Call. That breaks down to $1.9 million from his own re-election fund and $1.1 million from the Boehner for Speaker committee that was former earlier this year.

The transfers show that Boehner, who has always been an effective fundraiser, has been particularly successful this year in marshaling resources to pave his way to the Speaker's gavel.

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