Barack Obama: Singles Hitter

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He failed to secure a free-trade agreement with South Korea and couldn't convince Chinese President Hu Jintao to halt policies that artificially manipulate his country's currency, but President Obama still thinks he did pretty well at the G20 meetings in Seoul, South Korea. "Instead of hitting home runs, sometimes we're going to hit singles," explained Obama. "But they're really important singles." Those scoring the conference at home begged to differ.

  • "Obama says we got a single. If we got on-base at all, it's because we got hit by a pitch" - Art Cashin, CNBC (H/T @Tagami)
  • "Instead of a solid single, it looks more like a shallow hit that barely got him to first base" - Matthew Cooper, National Journal
  • "Lately, it's mostly just been broken bats flying into the stands" - Jeri Thompson, co-host, The Fred Thompson Show
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