Wyclef Jean: Campaign Finance Reform Advocate

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The influence of outside money on the 2010 midterms is concerning to a great many people, including unsuccessful Haitian presidential candidate Wyclef Jean. Unlike a great many people, Jean is attempting to raise awareness of this issue through song, debuting a new song called "Election Time" on the website of Campaign Money Watch, an organization dedicated to tracking the influence of corporate and special interest money on American politics. Jean explained what attracted him to the issue in a statement to The Huffington Post:

"After a month of campaigning for president of Haiti and the first six months after the earthquake helping the country start rebuilding, I sat back and looked around. What I saw and felt in the U.S., my second home country, with all the haters and money craziness in the campaigns, it almost puts the chaos of Haitian politics to shame, you know? It's about making your voice heard. That's what's important, and I know that better than ever, so I want to reach the young people to remind them [of that]."

So in other words, he disagrees with David Brooks.

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