Welcoming 'Naked Cowboy' to the Campaign Trail

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Yes, it's true. The man best known as the scantily-clad Times Square icon has issued his press releases and held a reportedly well-attended conference to declare his intention to challenge Barack Obama for president in 2012. The "Naked Cowboy" (otherwise named Robert Burck) appeared downright serious as he detailed his conservative principles and declared that "America is rapidly transforming into a government-run enterprise." Sadly, reporters don't seem to interested in his platform, but some managed to keep a straight face and give the entertainer a hearty welcome to the campaign trail:

  • Toronto Sun - "All this time, behind the well-muscled physique hid a man with a passion for politics and the writings of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche."
  • TMZ - "He's also known for his stimulus package..."
  • The New York Daily News - "Despite his efforts to be taken seriously, reporters pelted the Naked Cowboy with questions such as: Will he endorse Fruit of the Loom or Hanes? Is he wearing a codpiece?"
  • Washington Examiner - "His last name (Burke) might provide late amusement for the political historian. How (Edmund) Burkean are the naked cowboys ideas? Would the conservative and classic liberal philosopher recognize his ideas in the philosophy of the Naked Cowboy?"
  • Westword - "When you're local weirdo who's spent the last decade running around in Times Square in your underpants and a cowboy hat, it's probably hard to know where to go with your next career move. Waiting tables? Too servile. Middle management? Too bourgeois."
  • Asylum - "He's going to cut taxes, uphold the second amendment and possibly invent a better mousetrap. OK, maybe not that last one, but really how much can you expect from one man, especially when he typically doesn't even have any pockets to put stuff in?"
  • ...Ology - "This is almost as bad as when that porn star attemped to run for governor of California. Almost."

and finally, his endorsements (seriously) can be found here:

  • NakedCowboy.com - "the official website of the world's MOST CELEBRATED ENTERTAINER"
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