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Five days from now, the Wire's "2010 Elections" tag will be put to rest (perhaps to be replaced by "Congressional Gridlock 2011"). Until then, all eyes are on the prognosticators as they read the midterm tea leaves in one of the most memorable election cycles in recent history. Naturally, the best guesses are those that can be circulated in 140-character form.

Blogger Adam Bing identifies a plausible Time nominee

Time rushes to declare "Tea Party member" as Person of the Year. No need for the rest of the year to occur. #electionnightpredictionsless than a minute ago via web

"Top Tweets" regular Brian Beutler tips the Kentucky race to Rand Paul

Frustrated Jack Conway converts to Aqua Buddhism. #electionnightpredictionsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Ex-Governor Jerry Brown gets a nod

Whitman loses CA gubernatorial bid, auctions leftover campaign merch on ebay. #electionnightpredictionsless than a minute ago via web

Evan Mcmorris-Santo wonders what will preoccupy the president

Pourmecoffee understands it's all about the anonymous shadowy cutouts

Corporations will naturally be excited after midterms, but are advised to follow regulations for a respectable  period.less than a minute ago via tGadget

The Nation's Greg Mitchell weaves a painfully true quip into his prediction

My fearless forecast: Dems to lose "only" 40 House seats & 6 in Senate. Take it to the bank. But you know how reliable they are these days.less than a minute ago via web

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