Time-Traveling David Broder Says There's No GOP Wave

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As dean of the Washington press corps and inventor of the time machine, Washington Post columnist David Broder offers unique insight on the role partisans, Morlocks, and partisan Morlocks play in America's eventual decline. Today, Broder used his time-travel gifts (or are they a curse?) to forecast next Tuesday's elections. Apparently the GOP wave not only didn't break, it never existed to begin with. More details from this bleak horrible future:

  • "We are going to look at the returns on the biggest Republican victory in 16 years and think that it spells doom for the Democrats and a shift to the right in our politics. And we will be wrong."
  • "The size of the Republican gain will be exaggerated by the severity of the party's losses in the preceding elections. Republicans will pick up many seats in the House, perhaps 50 or so, because they lost so many in 2006 and 2008."
  • "The mandate likely to be given the GOP is of the most provisional sort. What this means to me is that the voters are withholding any real verdict on their party preference."

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