There Is Only So Much I Will Do for the Atlantic (updated)

I watched the O'Donnell-Coons Delaware "debate" last night.

I started watching the Harry Reid - Sharron Angle Nevada version tonight.

After the opening statements, I realize: I am not that brave.

Where is my beer? Someone tell me how this turns out.

UPDATE: The Atlantic's Nicole Allan stoically was on the job last night. And a viewer who, like Nicole, was far braver than I writes in with his report:

>>Unlike you, I failed to grasp the true nature of the disaster until it was too late. Mitch Fox [moderator] emerged as the clear winner. Let others who would facilitate such exchanges mimic his questions.

Nevadans will pay a heavy price if they choose to elect such an individual to represent them. (As a matter of fact, we will all pay a price.) While she had a few moments of lucid argument, the candidate followed a script adapted for the simple-minded. Nothing new there.

Nevadans will pay a slightly less heavy price for electing Mr. Reid. If accommodation and "the middle way" serve him well in the senate (which as practiced by Mr. Reid and the rest of his leadership team may account for much of the aftertaste that the Obama presidency is causing), in this confrontation with an inferior adversary, such attitudes did not help him.<<