The Velvet Underground Goes Tea Party

When music legends and outraged Republicans join forces

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Fairly or not, the Tea Party has developed a reputation for being long on populist outrage, but short on indie street cred. It's a situation former Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker could remedy, now that she's confirmed to The Huffington Post she is the "Maureen Tucker" who declared herself "furious about the way we're being led towards socialism" at a Tea Party rally in Tifton, Georgia last April.

And while Tucker refused to elaborate on her political positions in the HuffPo interview, The Guardian's Ed Pilkington directs us to Tucker's Tea Party Patriots homepage, in which she urges like-minded citizens, "DONT WAIT FOR A TEA PARTY - SEND HIM A LETTER/POSTCARD! YOU'LL FEEL BETTER!! KING OBAMA THE WHITE HOUSE WASH; DC 20500".

Not covered by Tucker: what to do with Thursday's rags when Monday comes around.

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