The Prognosticators: 4 Weeks Out, Expectations of a House Takeover

Republicans are expected to take over a significant number of House seats in less than a month, but predictions vary on just how many.

For such specifics, we turn to the top election prognosticators in the land, who are in near agreement that Republicans will gain more than the 39 necessary seats to retake the majority when voters head to the polls in just under one month, on November 2.

Find their specific projections below:

Charlie Cook, The Cook Political Report: at least 40 House seats gained by Republicans

Stu Rothenberg, The Rothenberg Political Report: 37 - 45 House seats gained by Republicans, "with considerably larger gains in excess of 45 seats quite possible"

Larry Sabato, Sabato's Crystal Ball/The UVA Center for Politics: 47 House seats gained by Republicans