The Beauty Part of the O'Donnell 'Chinese Plot' Remark

How did I miss this? In mentioning, earlier this afternoon, that Christine O'Donnell had claimed in 2006 to have secret-document proof of China's master plan to conquer America, I left out the context. Several readers have helpfully pointed out that she made the remarks in a primary-campaign debate -- and directed them to a primary opponent who beat her (handily) and another candidate (narrowly) to win the Republican nomination. He is a Harvard Law School graduate and Temple University Law School professor named Jan C. Ting. That's him:


Stay classy, Christine!

And on the stay-classy front, I should point out that the label "conspiratorialist lunatics" in my preceding post was deliberate hyperbole. Or maybe intemperate hyperbole. No offense!
I should have said "impassioned enthusiasts."