Reid: I Staved Off 'World-Wide Depression'

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In an election cycle that has seen "Aqua Buddha," and "I'm Not a Witch," it takes a particularly notable gaffe to rise above the fray. The Nevada Senate race, however, never fails to generate eyebrow-raising soundbites from Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. (See: "he's my pet" and "you look a little more Asian to me.") The latest comes when the Senate Majority Leader declares to MSNBC that "but for me, we'd be in a worldwide depression." The comment, in the context of Reid explaining why Nevadans are supporting the relatively unknown Angle, was meant to tout Reid's efforts to bring jobs to his struggling home state.

  • The GOP Says 'Thanks' For the Quote Steve Tetreault at The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes "Republicans are seizing on what they are calling "another inexplicable whopper" by Sen. Harry Reid...The National Republican Senatorial Committee was quick to comment. 'For Harry Reid to take credit for saving the world, yet take zero responsibility for Nevada’s serious economic problems, is either the height of ignorance or arrogance, or most likely, a combination of both.'"
  • 'Overdoing It Just a Bit' ventures Doug Powers on Michelle Malkin's blog. "Reid wants everybody to believe that he’s Bruce Willis in Armageddon, when in fact it’s now common knowledge that he’s been nothing but the asteroid for far too long. Nice try, Harry."
  • 'What on Earth Is He Talking About?' asks Hot Air's Allahpundit. "Does he mean … TARP? There’s a case to be made there about averting a depression, drew bipartisan support; it wasn’t some sort of Harry Reid brainstorm. And besides — voters hate it. Why even allude to it this late in the campaign?"
  • 'Wait. Say what?' Mediaite's Colby Hall ponders the gaffe's implications: "Reid and Angle have been neck and neck in recent polls. One wonders if this comment will swing independent voters to the Angle ledger."

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