Political Mustaches Roil Mustache of the Year Contest

It's that time again: the American Mustache Institute has named its finalists for the 2010 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award.

After David Axelrod and Eric Holder were nominated in 2009, a couple high-profile Republican mustaches are contending for the title this time around.

Among the 19 finalists are John Hoeven, the popular Republican governor of North Dakota who will almost certainly win the state's Senate race on November 2, succeeding retiring Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan; Terry Branstad, the Republican former governor of Iowa who, if polls are correct, will win his old job back from Democrat Chet Culver this year; and, the odd man out, Democratic Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who played for 12 seasons as a shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns, repeatedly nailing jumpers several feet inside the three-point line while wearing a mustache.

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