Obama's Televised Town Hall

It was a no-brainer: the White House and Viacom have negotiated a deal to televise a town hall meeting featuring President Obama on October 14. Broadcast from Washington, it will air live on MTV, MTVu, CMT, and BET.

CMT's inclusion is curious because its demographics aren't necessarily the President's, but when Viacom added it to the proposal, the White House welcomed the additional audience, according to an official.

Obama's October schedule is filled with campaign events, both traditional and non. This is decidedly a "non." Like Rolling Stone, it's targeted at supporters who don't consume traditional media or who distrust what they hear. Like when Obama went on The View, the event itself will generate plenty of buzz, which will increase interest and viewership.

Republicans' independent expenditure efforts and outside groups are slaughtering Democratic candidates with tough ads, and every point counts. Democrats figure that they can increase vote totals in congressional districts by two points above expected turnout through targeting efforts, and, if they can bump up the percentage of voters under 30 who go to the polls, maybe notch it up even more.

Obama's town hall is a play to the margins, albeit a splashy one.