'Naked Gun' Director vs. Barbara Boxer

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'Naked Gun' director David Zucker has emerged as one of Hollywood's most prominent conservatives in recent years, helming viral videos for the RNC and the feature-length Michael Moore parody An American Carol, currently being aired non-stop on Showtime for some reason. In his latest video, produced for the 527 group RightChange, Zucker reimagines California Sen. Barbara Boxer's scolding of Army Corps of Engineers Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh for calling her "ma'am" instead of "senator" at a Senate hearing last year, adding a healthy dose of slapstick violence, murderous boy scouts and out-of-context American Indians to the proceedings. It's about as funny as any "funny" political ad can possibly be (read: kind of funny), hampered only by the disappointing absence of Enrico Pallazzo.

(Skip to the 45 second mark, unless you think jokes are more enjoyable when The Wall Street Journal over-explains them.)

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