Morning Vid: Van Susteren Says Lawyer Is 'Blackmailing' Meg Whitman

Gloria Allred, the women driving "nannygate," finds little sympathy on Fox News

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Meg Whitman's well-endowed campaign hit a major snag last week when, with the aid of star lawyer Gloria Allred, Whitman's former housekeeper, an undocumented worker, alleged that the candidate had treated her "like a piece of garbage." California's gubernatorial race has descended into 24/7 coverage of "nannygate." On Saturday, Greta Van Susteren brought Allred on the show, but was having none of her talking points. She gave three reasons to doubt Allred's claims, especially "on the eve of an election" where the allegations could be unfairly "smearing."

She debated the lawyer about whether Whitman "lied" about not knowing that her housekeeper was working illegally, and contended that what Allred was doing constituted blackmail: "That’s the problem, Gloria, is you’re blackmailing her because she’s looks like the creep because she’s the rich person against the person who’s here illegally."

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