Morning Vid: O'Donnell Discusses the Constitution, Her Halloween Costume

Hint: she's not a witch

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"Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?" Delaware's Christine O'Donnell coyly asked her opponent Chris Coons in a recent debate. Coons, who holds a comfortable lead in the polls, chose to dodge the question. O'Donnell, however, thought she scored political point by revealing that Coons didn't have a grasp on the nuances of the church-state divide .

In ABC News interview with Jonathan Karl, O'Donnell takes pains to clarifies her debate statements and bristles at the notion that she was the one who didn't properly understand the First Amendment. "It's really funny the way the media reports things," she said in response to Karl's questioning. She then explained that the First Amendment "says exactly what it says, that the government will not create--will not dictate--that every American has to believe a certain way, but it won't do anything to prevent the free exercise thereof and that's what people like my opponent in that debate chose so carelessly to leave out."

Karl eventually pivots the interview to weightier subjects, namely O'Donnell's Halloween costume. She's going as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. ("Killed the witch, there you go," she laughs.)

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