Morning Vid: Michael Steele Doesn't Know the Minimum Wage

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Tuesday night, during an episode of MSNBC's The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell had a few questions for Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele about the minimum wage, which has emerged as a bit of a sticking point for GOP candidates. O'Donnell wanted to know: should the minimum wage be reduced? How does the greater GOP feel about Joe Miller's call to eliminate it? And incidentally--what is the minimum wage, anyway?

Steele didn't know that last one offhand, giving O'Donnell a chance to show off his "ain't I a stinker?" grin. "That'll be your headline, Lawrence," said Steele. "'Steele Doesn't Know the Minimum Wage.'" But, he said, the minimum-wage debate isn't the most pressing one the country faces:

The country's hemorrhaging jobs right now ... When you've lost your job, whether you know what the minimum wage is or not is not relevant. You're trying to get a job back... What are we going to to stimulate job growth? What are we going to do that empowers small business owners? And that's the nature of the debate. Whether the minimum wage is seven dollars, ten dollars or whatever it happens to be in whatever part of the country you live in, the fact is, if you don't have a job, that number's irrelevant, until you get one.

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