More on O'Donnell and the Chinese Peril

I mentioned recently Christine O'Donnell's claim to have secret documents exposing China's master plan to take over America -- and the nice little touch that she delivered this accusation to her (successful) opponent in the 2006 Republican primary for the Senatorial nomination, a Chinese-American professor named Jan C. Ting. As a reminder, here he is again:


Lionel-Artom Ginzburg, a lawyer in Philadelphia, writes in to provide a little more of the story:

>>The true insanity comes if you actually know Professor Ting. I went to Temple University Law School and talked to him on a number of occasions, though never took a class with him.

Jan Ting's parents emigrated from China to the US at the time of the Japanese invasion in the 30's-- Jan himself was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Further, he worked as an assistant Commissioner for the INS in the first Bush administration, and is extremely conservative. *Extremely* conservative-- he made lots of media appearances defending George W. Bush's policies in the months after 9/11, testified in front of the 9/11 commission relating to immigration policies, and publicly debated another Temple Law Professor who's a former ACLU counsel on the subject of the PATRIOT ACT on at least one occasion. (Prof. Ting also an extremely nice, very approachable guy, but that isn't relevant to his politics, which are almost the polar opposite of mine)

I'm told that he eventually endorsed Obama in the last election (after backing Giuliani in the primary) and was pretty much chucked out of the Delaware GOP for it, but that only goes to show how nuts the Tea Partiers have made GOP politics in Delaware....

The idea of him as some sort of Chinese agent or something is just so unbelievably off-the-wall nuts-- like if someone told you that Bob Dole was secretly in the KGB. His politics are emphatically not mine, but he's a man who's devoted his whole life to immigration law and policy so that other people can have the same opportunities in the United States that he and his family have had. It's just sickening, not to mention strange-- I mean, the guy has autographed photos of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle on his office wall!<<